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Here you can find most of the information about our work, past or present, and about HKA.
Information is organized in sections:

Company Information
You can obtain company profile and historical brief, receive references from past and
present work and view contact information and addresses.

Alignment Work
We have number of examples of our work you can request.
This section deals with general alignment , shell survey and mechanical inspection issues.

Field Service Works
In this section you will find documents relating to our field work , its scope and
extra work (assistance) in various projects, repairs and shutdowns.

All the materials are available to you upon request; simply scroll down the list and choose
the documents you want to be forwarded to you. If there is information you can not
find here please take a moment and fill out a simple form to attach to your request

Available Documents

About HKA
Company history in brief
Work references
Contact information
Alignment Information
Alignment procedure - method description
What is measured - example of scope
Alignment report two support drum - an example
Alignment report three support kiln - an example
Alignment report six support kiln - an example
Alignment report and mechanical inspection - an example
Shell Survey Information
Shell survey procedure - description of approach to shell measurements
Shell survey three support kiln - an example
Shell survey six support kiln - an example
Shell survey ball mill - an example
Shell - survey and repair recommendations
301 Shell survey display in 3D view
Field Work
New kiln shell manufacturing - example of measurements
New kiln line - assistance in erection works
Kiln upgrade assistance
Kiln repairs assistance
Kiln shutdown assistance
Emergency work - assistance
Paper machine alignment - an example
Turbine alignment - an example
Overhead crane - rail alignment
De-barking drum alignment - an example
Foundation settlement measurements
Information Request
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